Access to Justice Pandemic Task Force

Here at MassProBono, our goal it to become the statewide platform where organizations and volunteers can connect and foster opportunities.  Something new we've added is the COVID-19 tag.  Now volunteers are able to filter through events and listings that are in some way tied to the pandemic and its legal ramifications on the folks of the Greater Boston Area.


MassProBono is proud to announce a new partnership with the MA Access to Justice Commission Task Force regarding the coronavirus pandemic.


• If you need assistance with developing pandemic-related pro bono projects, please contact Mia Friedman.

• If you need assistance with uploading your projects onto (or with any other technical issue related to the site), please contact Arden Barlow

Many law students and attorneys in Massachusetts are seeking ways to help those in need during these difficult times. Please help us connect those individuals to pro bono projects that will increase access to justice!