Pro Bono For The In-House Lawyer

  • Access to Justice

This program is for those interested in pro bono work as an in-house lawyer, whether they have a pro bono program at their organization, want to start one or just want to do pro bono work on their own. There will be presentations by local pro bono organizations that have partnered with in-house counsel to help people in need. They will present success stories of in-house counsel working in new areas and helping people‚Äôs lives. Since all Massachusetts lawyers have ethical obligations to undertake pro bono activities or contribute to support them, this program is designed to help them meet that requirement. We will also have networking following the panel to meet more people who can facilitate pro bono work and strengthen connections previously established.

Program Chairs:
Bill Gabovitch, General Counsel - Primark US
Kathleen McGrath, Assistant Vice President -Senior Corporate Counsel at Liberty Mutual

Panel Discussion 6:00PM to 7:00PM
Networking Reception 7:00PM to 8:00PM

Mass Legal Answers Online
Rochelle Hahn, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Jon Rockwood, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association
Cindy Palmquist, Legal Director, VLP

Elizabeth Leonard, State Street

Lawyers Clearinghouse
Emily Hodge, Board Chair
Eric James Teasdale, General Electric

PAIR Project
Seth Purcell, Esq., PAIR Project
Harsha Pulluru, John Hancock Investments