Women's Lunch Place Project

Organization: Women's Bar Foundation

The Women’s Lunch Place provides a daytime refuge for these vulnerable women. Many face complicated legal problems which become obstacles to meeting their basic daily needs. Many also have limited ability to understand the legal issues they are facing. Without legal advocacy, many of the women are left to navigate the complex judicial system alone, often with unsuccessful results.

WBF’s volunteer attorneys share information and
legal resources and conduct legal training for the WLP staff and made presentations on a variety of legal topics to WLP guests. 

  • Minimum Commitment
  • Mentoring Provided
  • Training Provided
  • Relevant Experience Preferred
  • LAR Certification Required
  • Malpractice Coverage Provided
  • Project Type
  • Project For
    Attorney, Retired Lawyer/Judge
  • Populations Served
    Homeless, People with Disabilities, Domestic Violence Survivors, Limited English Proficient, Low-income women
  • Subject Areas
    Bankruptcy, Child Welfare, Consumer, Disability Benefits, Education, Employment/Unemployment, Family Law, Health Care, Housing, Immigration, Prisons/Criminal Records, Probate, Public Benefits
  • Skills to be Developed
    Public speaking