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From RFEs to Federal Court: Latest Strategies in Defending Survivors During the Time of COVID

  • 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • By: ASISTA
  • This event takes place online.
  • Source: Immigration Advocates Network > IAN Nonprofit Resource Center
  • Civil Rights
  • Training
  • Access to Justice
  • Immigration
  • COVID-19


* This is the fourth, fifth, and sixth part in a six-part series (08/03 - 08/04).

Successfully Responding to RFEs, NOIDs & NOIRs (1.50 hours)

Speakers and participants will dissect a U visa and a VAWA case containing common problem areas in USCIS adjudication, and provide strategies for responding to requests for evidence, notices of intent to deny, and notices of intent to revoke.

Motions and Appeals before USCIS (1.50 hours)

Using T visa and VAWA adjustment denials, this panel will focus on strategies to avoid the issuance of a Notice to Appear by USCIS, including the filing of motions and appeals before USCIS and requesting assistance from liaisons.

Detention and Administrative Stays of Removal  (1.50 hours)

In this session, we will discuss when and how to file a request for stay of removal with ICE in light of DHS’s attempts to dismantle the prima facie system. Detention topics will include survivor based arguments for alternatives to detention. We will use real examples to illustrate simple steps that will help you advocate for your survivor clients!

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