Webinar Four: Representing Asylum Seekers

  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • By: CLINIC
  • This event takes place online
  • Source: Immigration Advocates Network > IAN Nonprofit Resource Center
  • Immigration

This is the last in a four-part webinar series (10/11, 10/18, 10/25, and 11/1).


In this series' last webinar, the speakers will discuss the procedures in asylum filings in the affirmative and defensive context, including special procedures if a client is an unaccompanied minor or is detained. They will discuss the administration’s recent changes to asylum law and procedures, which include requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico, the “asylum ban” and family separation. The trainers will also share tips on preparing the best asylum application and advocating for clients in these challenging times.



  • Asylum procedures, hurdles and recent trends
  • Juvenile arrival 
  • Detained applicants
  • Changes and updates in procedures
  • Challenges currently facing migrants



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