FBI Records: What Every Legal Aid Lawyer Needs to Know (Webinar)

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National Record Clearing Project logoThe National Record Clearing Project will be hosting a free webinar entitled FBI Records: What Every Legal Aid Lawyer Needs to Know on February 28, 2020 from 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Eastern.

Do you have questions about FBI background checks?  Attend this webinar on February 28th for a crash course in FBI records!

Presenters will include Paula Zirkle, FBI Criminal History Information Services Manager and Criminal History Information and Policy Unit (CHIPU) Unit Chief, who will provide a primer in FBI background checks for non-criminal justice purposes.


  • Who has access to FBI background checks, and how access is limited
  • How your clients can get their FBI record information and correct errors
  • How the FBI expunges and seals records
  • What criminal history information the FBI obtains, stores, and disseminates
  • How the FBI obtains and stores that information

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about FBI records from a true expert!  This free webinar will be helpful to direct service and policy advocates alike.